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Tinkers Bubble - Resources and Links

A selection of articles and videos about Tinkers Bubble

FILM: Woodlanders - Off Grid Forestry - a film about Tinkers Bubble low impact forestry (2017).

Feeding Body and Soul: Tinkers Bubble - Article by Walter Lewis (2016).

David Spero: Settlements - A photographic study of 4 land-based communities by David Spero (2017).

A simple woodland life at Tinkers Bubble (pdf download) - Article by ex-resident Pedro for Reforesting Scotland Journal (2012).

Some landy links that may be of interest

Land Workers Alliance - The union that Tinkers Bubble participates in, holding events, providing resources, and lobbying on behalf of environmentally and culturally sensitive land workers.

The Land is Ours - A land-access campaigning group.

Chapter 7 - Planning advice and guidance from The Land is Ours.

The Land Magazine - An occasional magazine about land rights.

Ecological Land Co-op - A land access group with a lot of links and recources. See especially their list of UK-based courses.

Land in our Names - A land-rights and access group for BPOC in the UK.

FLAME - A land and agriculture group for young people (16 - 28); part of the Land Workers Alliance.

Real Seeds - Wonderful seed providers, with lots of information about seed saving.

Woodlanders - A beautifully and sensitively shot documentary series about forestry-based livelihoods.

Local Futures - An international hub for ecological and social change organisations, with lots of resources and links.

And some links for people interested in community and volunteering

UK Communities Conference - An annual event for people interested in and living in intentional communities.

Foundation for Intentional Community - A USA-based network, including many useful resources on community.

Diggers and Dreamers - A directory for UK-based intentional communities.

Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms - A database for organic farms who take volunteers

Workaway - A database for a wider range of volunteering opportunities

Global Ecovillage Network - Ecovillages (and an annual gathering) around the world.

3(ish) Books on…

Cultural Maturity

  • Hospicing Modernity – Vanessa Machado de Oliveira
  • Come of Age – Stephen Jenkinson
  • The More Beautiful World your Hearts Know is Possible – Charles Eisenstein
  • Braiding Sweetgrass – Robin Wall Kimmerer

Fiction and Prose

  • Always Coming Home – Ursula le Guin
  • Pilgrim at Tinker Creek – Annie Dillard
  • Cider with Rosie – Laurie Lee

Growing Food

  • How to Grow Vegetables – Joy Larcombe
  • No-Dig Organic Home and Garden – Charles Dowding

Alternative Agro-ecologies

  • Wilding – Isabella Tree
  • Miraculous Abundance - Charles and Perrine Hervé-Gruyer
  • A Small Farm Future – Chris Smaje


  • Ben Law – Various books
  • Lost Arts & Crafts – John Seymore
And if that's not enough for you, have a look here for the Land Worker's Allience book recommendations.