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Tinkers Bubble Timber

Ed planking Douglas Fir

Tinkers Bubble produce sustainable sawn timber:

  • We fell the trees using crosscut saws and felling axes
  • Logs are extracted using horses
  • The logs are milled in our wood-fired steam engine powered sawmill

Timber is available to order, up to 16' in length. A small premium may be charged for timber longer than 14'.


Prices below are for Douglas fir. We also have a limited supply of other timber, including ash, cherry, sycamore and oak - please email for a quote.

Waney edged boards - £9 per sq yard (£1 / sq. foot, £10.75 / m² )
Square timber - £18 per cu foot:

2x2 - 50p / foot
3x2 - 75p / foot
4x2 - £1.00 / foot
6x2 - £1.50 / foot
8x2 - £2.00 / foot
6x6 - £4.50 / foot

For enquireys and purchases, contact


We hold volunteer weekends during the winter to help us fell trees and manage the woodland. If you are interested in these events, please keep an eye on our events page.

Mill under Steam
Sawmill powered by steam
Extracting timber with horses