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Tinkers Bubble - News

9 April 2016

Planning permission

Tinkers Bubble has just been granted a further ten years temporary planning permission by South Somerset District Council. Woo-hoo! :)

The council gave the following reasons for accepting our application:

"The proposed development, by reason of its special low impact nature, siting, scale, layout and design, is considered to be an appropriate form of development that should have little impact upon the historic or natural environment or the rural amenities of the area and should not result in any demonstrable harm to residential amenity or visual amenity and to therefore represent a sustainable form of development that accords with the aims and objectives of policies SD1, TA5, TA6, EQ2, EQ3, EQ4 and EQ7 of the South Somerset Local Plan and the provisions of the National Planning Policy Framework."

Full details of the application (including conditions) are available on the SSDC website:

19 January 2016

Planning permission

At the end of last year, we submitted an application for further temporary planning permission. We will post updates when we hear from South Somerset District Council.